Library Bag Tutorial

So I made one of the library bags that has been on my list. Since I didn't use dish towels (I used 45in home decor fabric) I had to modify the tutorial. Here's the way I did it. This is my first tutorial, so forgive me if I mess it up.

1. I bought two 16 inch pieces of fabric (one in the home decor, one in a cotton lining).

2. I then cut off the top to make them 16 inch square. *Keep the fold on the bottom. That means one less edge to sew* Set the extra aside, you'll use them later.

3. Turn the patterned piece right sides together.
*If you want the corners docked, just lay the lining and the outer on top of each other and snip the corners off at an angle*4. Now grab the extra lining. Cut off a piece about an inch bigger than you want your pocket. Fold the edges in and press. *make sure that the top edge is a manufacturers edge, that way it won't fray*
5. Sew the pocket onto the middle of the lining. *make sure you just sew the pocket to one side, don't sew the front and back of the lining together*6. Turn the lining right sides together.

7. Sew up the edges of both the lining and the outer piece.

8. Now turn the lining right side out (so the pocket is on the outside) and tuck it into the outer fabric (which is still the wrong side out). This is going to look wrong but its not. Now set aside.9. Get the extra outer fabric and cut them in half to make 4 pieces. Sew 2 of them together to make 2 long pieces. Press open the seam.10. Now fold them in half the long way and sew that edge closed. Press open the seam and turn it right side out.

11. Grab the bag body again. Lay a measuring tape on it and pin the straps to the 5in and 11in marks. *But make sure that you attach them between the lining and the outer*12. Now sew around the top leaving a 5 in hole open.

13. Reach in the hole and pull it right side out. Press the top flat.

14. Now sew a top stitch around the top to close the hole up.

Ta Da! A new bag! I'm going to use mine for my cross stitch stuff.

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