Toddler Bed

So Abbi will be turning 2 in a few months. I've thought about moving her to a "big girl" bed for a while now. I usually dismiss the thought almost immediately after I have it because I realize she has never tried to climb out of the crib, and she'll usually play in there for a good hour or two after she wakes up in the morning before she starts yelling for me. Why would I mess that up? Because this bed is so darn cute and only costs about $30 to make (she has plans for it in King and Queen too).

Thank you Knock Off Wood for having free plans for basically every piece of furniture in the Pottery Barn catalog. I heart you.

Spring Decor

I've never really decorated for holidays or seasons before, other than Christmas of course. So here's my new plan. Since January I've been buying all the holiday decor I can find on clearance after the holiday is over. I basically do that cuz I'm cheap and refuse to pay full price for anything. But I think I could spring for this little set up. Cinnaberry Suite paid a whoppin' $5 for everything in this picture. I can do that.

hanging rose balls

So I'm sorry. I kinda forgot I had this blog. SYTYC is kinda time consuming, but I have found a lot of stuff I want to do. Here is one of them.

Thank you House of Smiths. These will shortly be hanging in the corner of my girls room.


Mail Sorter

This would be so handy! I just have my stuff all jammed in a little basket. No rhyme or reason. It's just insanity.


Mr. Potato Head

This would be a great quiet activity for church. Abbi's hit the age now that a quiet activity is a must (though not always doable).


Bible/Book of Mormon Covers

I really want to make one of these for Abbi. Too bad she's still to little to carry stuff around with her.

Isn't it so fun? It even has a pocket behind the crayons for a little notebook! Love it! Thanks Lindsey!

Stocking Holders

I really really want to do this! I've got a bunch of mismatched hand-me-down brass ones that I'm not a huge fan of. This is the perfect way to fix the problem!

I even saw some frames that would work perfect for this at Dollar Tree today!
Thanks Esplins (and her new site Cinnaberry Suite)!


Potholder Apron

Isn't this the most clever idea you've ever seen? It's a potholder, a kitchen towel and some ribbon! I love it!

Thanks Tanya at Trey and Lucy!


Christmas Advent

I love this advent idea. I think I'll get going on this right away. I only wish I had an entry that I could put it in.Thanks Centsational Girl!


It's started!

The first theme has been announced, the crafts are up, and the voting has started.

Go check it out and vote for your favorite.


Felt Playhouse

I think this is the greatest idea.

It's a slipcover for her kitchen table! Do you think I can have one finished by Christmas?
Thanks Jill!


A New Adventure...

I'm sorry I've been slacking a little bit on this blog. I've been setting up my newest adventure. I'm really excited about this one.

It's "So You Think You Can Dance" for craft bloggers. I've got 10 AMAZING crafters that will be competing head-to-head in 10 challenges. Each weeks the winners craft will be made into a tutorial, but the loser will be sent home. Here's the fun part. Each week there will be a poll where you will vote for the best! You will choose the winner. It all starts on November 2nd when the first theme will be announced. Head on over to the site to check out the crafters.


Black Apple Doll

I really want to make one of these for my girl. I think I'll use the scraps from the quilt I just made her for the dress. They're so cute.

Thanks A Little Bit Vintage!


Pumpkin Topiary

For the life of me I can not find where I saw this idea. Wasn't that the point of this blog? To prevent that from happening? Oh well I guess. If any of you know where it was let me know so I can link it.

Anyway, here it is, my pumpkin topiary. I love it!

I spray painted the middle pumpkin Heirloom White then put a gold glaze on them all. I cut the stems off and stacked them in a pot that I wasn't using anymore. I finished it off with some Spanish moss coming out of the pot and a copper bow and little Fall sprig on top. I think it turned out really well. What do you think?

Library Bag Tutorial

So I made one of the library bags that has been on my list. Since I didn't use dish towels (I used 45in home decor fabric) I had to modify the tutorial. Here's the way I did it. This is my first tutorial, so forgive me if I mess it up.

1. I bought two 16 inch pieces of fabric (one in the home decor, one in a cotton lining).

2. I then cut off the top to make them 16 inch square. *Keep the fold on the bottom. That means one less edge to sew* Set the extra aside, you'll use them later.

3. Turn the patterned piece right sides together.
*If you want the corners docked, just lay the lining and the outer on top of each other and snip the corners off at an angle*4. Now grab the extra lining. Cut off a piece about an inch bigger than you want your pocket. Fold the edges in and press. *make sure that the top edge is a manufacturers edge, that way it won't fray*
5. Sew the pocket onto the middle of the lining. *make sure you just sew the pocket to one side, don't sew the front and back of the lining together*6. Turn the lining right sides together.

7. Sew up the edges of both the lining and the outer piece.

8. Now turn the lining right side out (so the pocket is on the outside) and tuck it into the outer fabric (which is still the wrong side out). This is going to look wrong but its not. Now set aside.9. Get the extra outer fabric and cut them in half to make 4 pieces. Sew 2 of them together to make 2 long pieces. Press open the seam.10. Now fold them in half the long way and sew that edge closed. Press open the seam and turn it right side out.

11. Grab the bag body again. Lay a measuring tape on it and pin the straps to the 5in and 11in marks. *But make sure that you attach them between the lining and the outer*12. Now sew around the top leaving a 5 in hole open.

13. Reach in the hole and pull it right side out. Press the top flat.

14. Now sew a top stitch around the top to close the hole up.

Ta Da! A new bag! I'm going to use mine for my cross stitch stuff.



Someday I'll have this...

Instead of this...

I'll move out of the laundry room/pantry/storage room and have a whole gorgeous room to myself. Thanks Sew4Home for helping me dream.

**Update- On Studio 5 (a show on NBC's affiliate in Salt Lake City UT) this morning they had Heather Bailey as a guest. Guess what? That's her craft room! Of course it is, why didn't I realize it sooner? I always find myself drifting to her fabric at the store. It makes sense that I'd be drawn to her craft room. She's amazing.


ABC Book

I've been thinking about doing something like this for awhile. This one is perfect. Thanks Sisters Stuff!


Profile Pendants

I LOVE these. I think they are way more fun then those little gem stone people {sorry if anyone really like those}. Head on over to Poppy Talk to learn more about them {posted 7.9.09, my link isn't working}.


Iron On Onesie

I don't know if I have any regular readers, but I apologize for the neglect to this site lately. I'm working on getting another site up and running that I hope will be really neat. It should be done pretty quickly so I hope to be back in full swing soon. But for now look at how darling these are!

No Sew Iron-On Onesies. I love them! Go check out the tutorial at A Feathered Nest. {I think I'm going to do this to all the onesies a little stain on the front. Great disguise :) }


Baby Info Blocks

I love these blocks! It is such a cute idea. Thanks Nap Time Crafts.

Cute Wall Hangings

I apologize for my lack of posts. I was off visiting my sister and her family in Ohio for a few weeks. I'll be back at it in a few days. I had to post this idea from Design Dazzle however. It's just fabric stretched in an Embroidery Hoop! So cute. I have recently switched to a loom style cross-stitch holder thing (I'm sure that is the technical term for it) and have a bunch of hoops just sitting around. Now I know exactly what to do with them!


Baby Announcments

This is not an announcement, but I think these are the cutest idea! I found them at Little Window Shop.

Onesie Ruffle Dress

Abbi is getting one of these. Pronto. And such a good way to make the clothes last longer. Thanks Made!

Table Tent

Abbi need a cute girly one of these from Sew Much Ado. It would be so fun and way easier to store than a playhouse.

Headboard Bench

Someday when I have a mud room or front entry hall I'll make one of these benches from A Lettered Cottage. I LOVE the makeover she did to her house. It's my dream to do that someday (I think Brad would just rather pay someone to do it, but that's no fun).